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 +====== First wireless node ======
 +The first wireless node is up and running in my apartment! Still very basic setup, especially firmware whise. Hardware are two [[hardware:​generic802154|Generic-802.15.4]],​ one just as it is running on batteries and sleeping all the time, except for every 30s when it measures the temperature and sends the value out in the air as an UDP-broadcast packet. The other node is connected a ethernet-switch and the [[hardware:​generic802154|802.15.4-ethernet expansion]] who only copy data between the 802.15.4 and 802.3 mac-layers. The node is running the [[hardsoftware:​uip|uIP-stack]] and currently IPv4. All nodes and their data are monitored online at http://​​nodeServer/,​ using the [[hardsoftware:​nodeserver|nodeServer]].
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