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 +====== ipv4 over 802.15.4, or 4LoWPAN ======
 +I have now sucessfully written a driver for Microchips MRF24J40 802.15.4 transceiver that work togheter with the C18 port of the [[hardsoftware:​uip|uIP-stack]]. It's now possible to send ipv4 packets like UDP and TCP over 802.15.4! There are a lot of limitation and assumptions,​ but it works. I have added the driver to the [[hardsoftware:​uip|uIP-stack]],​ and there are a test project at [[http://​​websvn/​listing.php?​repname=Software&​path=/​trunk/​Embedded/​802.15.4/​6LoWPAN+test+node/&​rev=0&​sc=0|SVN]]. Next step: 6LoWPAN.
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