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New PCB order

Soon I will order four new PCBs. First, there are three Generic 802.15.4 cards: One generic card that uses the MRF24J40MA 802.15.4 tranceiver card. The module has an uC and 18 I/Os and supply port, equipped with a DC/DC-buck-boost for battery supply. The other card is identical to the first one, except that the MRF24J40MA is integrated and replaced with a MRF24J40 and an onboard PCB antenna. The third card is an ethernet expansion to the two previous cards, so the 802.15.4 wireless network can be integrated to ethernet and internet. The fourth and last card is a new revision of the Generic-USB module, now in a 3.3V version as well as a new I/O-port compatible with the Generic 802.15.4 cards.


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