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Bootloader over CAN for 18F2685.


Status: Depricated, replaced by genericbootloader.

Date Comment
2006-10-23 Project created.


A bootloader software and firmware for downloading new application to Microchip 18F series with embedded ECAN over the CAN-bus. The bootloader waits 3 seconds at startup for a “new application”-packet sent from the software. If no packet within 3 seconds, the firmware starts the user application. The canBootloader is used in the homeautomation project.

Screen dumps

Canbootloader GUI The pc-side software. It support different nodes and “instant downloading” by double clicking on the tray icon.


Code is written in C18 v 3.10 using MPLAB v 7.52.


Latest source code can be found in repository
/software/trunk/Embedded/Can/canBoot/ and
/software/trunk/PC/canBootloaderGui/ in SVN.


All information found on this page are licensed. See the license page for more information.

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