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Bootloader for CAN, USB and Ethernet.


Status: In progress.

Date Comment
2008-04-01 Project created.


Generic-bootloader is one PC application developed in C# 3.0 and three bootloader firmwares for CAN, Ethernet (over UDP) and USB (currently only USB and Ethernet implemented). The application can find device in user-mode or boot-mode. If found in user-mode the devices can be set in boot-mode where they can be erased, programmed, read, started and restarted. As the name implies, the same application are used for all three interfaces. The Generic-bootloader are used with the genericcan, genericusb and genericethernet modules.

Screen dumps

Generic-bootloader main window. Main window with one USB-client found in boot-mode.


Code is written in Microchip C18.


Latest source code can be found in repository
/software/trunk/Embedded/Ethernet bootloader/ ,
/software/trunk/Embedded/USB bootloader/ ,
/software/trunk/PC/Generic Bootloader/ in SVN.


All information found on this page are licensed. See the license page for more information.

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