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Digital bubble tube

A bubble tube with LCD.


Status: Done.

Date Comment
2005-08-30 Project created.


A digital bubble tube implemented in a CPLD. Showing the angle in degrees on a LCD-display.


The base of the project is a xlinx CPLD. An LCD-display attached to this shows the current relative angle against a xy-plane. An accelerometer output a pulse width moduleated pulse relative to the G-forces in the two earth directions which the CPLD messaures and convert to angles using a lookup table in memory. The angles for x and y are displayed on the LCD. This project was a part of the digital contruction course at Chalmers and has been developed by Johan Böhlin, Michael Bodin, Patrik Opacic and Peiman Khorramshahi.


Block layout. Block layout.


Hardware written in VHDL and generated by state CAD.


Request for sourcecode. The report can be downloaded here.


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