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Temperature sensor with ehternet.


Status: Replaced by Generic-Ethernet.

Date Comment
2008-04-01 Project closed, replaced by Generic-Ethernet.
2007-06-26 Added PCB photos and updated schematic.
2006-05-01 Project created.


A device to messaure temperature outside and in my apparment (or wherever), which are pressented on a webpage and trough a own designed network application protocol, SGP (Set Get Protocol). Only a 5V power supply and a ethernet connection is needed for it to function. The webserver (if running) can be found The future of this project is a generic ethernet module with GPIO to remote control whatever needed.


Side view Stand-alone ethernet controller with plenty of GPIOs for everyday use.

Top view

 PCB layout PCB layout.


 Schematic ethertemp. Schematic ethertemp.


The base for this project is Microchips TCP/IP Stack 3.75, heavily stripped. Code is compiled using MPLAB v 7.40 and C18 v 3.02.


Latest source code and schematic/PCB-layout can be found in repository
/software/trunk/Embedded/Ethertemp/ and
/hardware/trunk/schematics/Ethertemp/ in SVN.


All information found on this page are licensed. See the license page for more information.

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