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 +====== Etaportal ======
 +//Website for ETA.//
 +===== Changelog =====
 +**Status: ** //Done, in use.//
 +^ Date ^ Comment ^
 +| 2006-08-10 | Project created. |
 +===== About =====
 +A portal for ETA (Elektrosektionens Teletekniska Avdelning) which include easy management of news, rss-feeds, documents, etc.
 +In the member section users can read members-only news, talk in forum and order components. A member can trough the portal search [[http://​ | farnell]] for components and put them in their own ordering box and send the box for order. The administrator can easily create order lists, see users ordering boxes etc.
 +The portal can be found at [[http://​ |]].
 +Languages used are PHP, MySQL, javascript and bash scripting.
 +Anders Runeson has also been involved in this project. ​
 +===== Screen dumps=====
 +{{:​software:​etaportal.jpg?​320|Etaportal}} Ordering system. Each user can create their own shopping box.
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