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 +====== Master Thesis ======
 +//Master Thesis: Nomadic device integration for automotive applications.//​
 +===== Changelog =====
 +**Status: ** //Done, depricated.//​
 +^ Date ^ Comment ^
 +| 2004-11-01 | Project created. |
 +===== About =====
 +The master thesis was carried out at [[http://​​group/​sweden/​sv-se/​Volvo+Group/​our+companies/​volvotechnologycorporation/​|Volvo Technology]] fall of 2007.
 +Mobile phones are becoming more and more sophisticated,​ and the current development tends to integrate erent functionalities like music, video, phone, internet, email, GPS, organiser and so on, into one portable device. When using a vehicle, it would be comfortable to stream music or place a call trough the cars infotainment system, without touching the mobile phone. The purpose of this master thesis has been to develop an API or gateway for easy integration of nomadic devices in a vehicle.
 +Required gateway API functions are functions for nding devices and services, and to connect and communicate with these wirelessly. Other preferable and required functions are functions for placing/ answering/​dialing calls and routing audio from the device to the gateway and further on, sending SMSes, accessing the internet, reading phone books etc. on a nomadic device.
 +The gateway communicates with a nomadic device using Bluetooth, which is a common communication standard available in many nomadic devices today, and which also has useful and well documented pro- les.
 +Device search as well as functions on a nomadic device is accessible to other applications by an UDPinterface provided by the gateway.
 +The nal gateway implements the Bluetooth serial, headset and handsfree prole and provides a dial-up internet access. It also implements non prole specic functionality like sending and reading SMSes, reading the phone book and receiving battery status.
 +Development was mainly in C++ for the gateway and C# for the test application.
 +The report can be downloaded {{:​software:​master_thesis_report.pdf|here}},​ and the users'​s manual {{:​software:​master_thesis_manual.pdf|here}}. ​
 +{{:​software:​mt_systemoverview.jpg?​320|System overview}} System overview.\\ ​
 +{{:​software:​infotainer.jpg?​320|Example application}} An example C# application using the gateway.\\ ​
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