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 +====== Volvo Technology ======
 +//Job: Programmer at Volvo Technology.//​
 +===== About =====
 +Worked as programmer at [[http://​​group/​sweden/​sv-se/​Volvo+Group/​our+companies/​volvotechnologycorporation/​|Volvo Technology]] summer 2007.
 +Developed a plugin to [[http://​​|Navteq'​s ADAS RP]], a map database, that calculated turn-by-turn instructions,​ extracted map data and other information and provided this onto UDP. The ADASRP software in turn had a connected GPS-unit. The purpose of this plugin is to provide data to easily develop simple concept navigation application for cars.
 +Development was mainly in C++ for the plugin and C# for the test application. ​
 +===== Screen dumps=====
 +{{:​software:​turntrackergui.jpg?​320|Example application}} An example C# application using the plugin, showing the turn-by-turn instructions,​ current map position and upcoming turn structure.
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